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Sumix’ MultiFiber Inspection Microscope Receives Gold in 2019 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards

Oceanside, CA, October 7, 2019 – Sumix Corporation, fiber optic inspection equipment manufacturer, announced today that its Manta-W+ fiber microscope for MPO inspection was recognized among the best in the industry by the 2019 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards. The stellar third-party judging panel included cabling and communications system specifiers, designers, integrators and managers with vast professional experience.

Sumix was recognized as a Gold honoree.

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Sumix Develops Inspection Solution for HUBER+SUHNER Outdoor Optical Connectors

ODC and Q-ODC Adapter Tips Now Available for Manta-W+ MultiFiber Inspection Microscope to Support Harsh Environment Applications

Oceanside, CA, June 20, 2019 — Sumix Corporation announces the development and introduction of ODC® and Q-ODC® (trademark of HUBER+SUHNER) Inspection tips for the award winning Sumix Manta-W+ fiber microscope.

The HUBER+SUHNER Q-ODC® and ODC® outdoor connectors are waterproof, dust proof, corrosion resistant and RoHs compliant for reliable connection in harsh environments. Sumix has developed adapters for both plug and socket (male and female) sides of ODC®-2, ODC®-4, Q-ODC®-2, and Q-ODC®-12 type connectors. Adapters are compatible with Manta-W+ and Manta+ microscope probes.

HUBER+SUHNER has introduced Sumix test solutions for its own laboratory and field inspection needs. These new adapter tips are also available for any companies implanting equipment with the new HUBER+SUHNER interfaces.

“The entire ferrule and the individual fibers are visible at a glance, which makes our work much easier”, said Jonas Hanimann, Process Engineer at HUBER+SUHNER. “Manta-W+ sets the focus automatically, hence this solution saves us a lot of time and increases our throughput.”

"We are always ready for the latest technological challenges of industry leaders like HUBER+SUHNER," said Farhad Towfiq, Sumix President. "Sumix team delivers the high-quality solutions our customers need with short development cycles. The rapid deployment of 5G and other needs are pushing the technology envelope faster than ever."

The Manta-W+ is a revolutionary solution for multi-fiber testing. With its wide field of view, Manta-W+ is the only probe on the market capable of inspecting 6 rows of 12 or 16 fiber terminations of an MPO connector in a single scan. Along with Multi-fiber Push On connections, the microscope also supports all standard connector types including LC, SC, SMA, E2000, AVIM, Mini-AVIM, and many more, both patch cord and bulkhead side, with an extensive selection of interchangeable tips available. Sumix' proven, industry standard platform of fiber scopes also includes SMX-Manta, SMX-Manta+, and Scopio series, which can be used for network maintenance, labs and manufacturing.

About Sumix Corporation

Sumix Corporation, a software and manufacturing company, is producer of high-resolution 3D Interferometers and portable 2D inspection probes for testing and verifying fiber optic connectors. Privately-owned, and based in Oceanside, California, Sumix has been designing and manufacturing optical and imaging products since 1999.


The HUBER+SUHNER group is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. It unites technical and manufacturing expertise in radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency technologies under one roof. The company's global production network, combined with subsidiaries and partners, ensures that HUBER+SUHNER is close to its customers in over 60 countries.

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Sumix Collaborates with 3M in Support of Introduction of New Expanded Beam Optical Connector

Provider of High-End Optical Inspection Solutions Collaborates with 3M to Enable Rapid and Efficient Implementation of Next Generation Connector

Oceanside, CA, April 15, 2019 — Sumix Corporation announces its collaboration in support of the introduction and implementation of the new 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Connector. Sumix developed and introduced a new adapter for the industry leading Manta-W+ fiber inspection microscope to effectively inspect and test the new connector end face.

The Sumix Manta-W+ inspection microscope with the new tip was on display at OFC 2019, the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition, in San Diego March 5-7, in both Sumix and 3M’s booths.

3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Connector is based on a revolutionary expanded beam ferrule and connector design that combines high performance with reduced sensitivity to dust compared with PC (Physical Contact) type connectors. But even the best connector must be effectively inspected to confirm that it is clean and not damaged. 3M is developing an ecosystem for its new Expanded Beam Optical Connector System and is announcing its collaboration with Sumix to develop dedicated adapters along with pass or fail criteria for inspection of 3M connectors. The Manta-W+ with new adapters and software will help ensure that data center, laboratory, and manufacturing customers can implement the new connector system efficiently and quickly.

“We’ve reimagined fiber optic connectors,” said Nick Stacey, Ph.D., global laboratory manager at 3M. “Working with inspection tool specialist Sumix will help us enable scalable deployment.”

"Sumix is always at forefront of the latest technological advances, rapidly engineering and offering innovative inspection solutions for every available connector type in the industry," said Farhad Towfiq, Sumix President. "We also work with our customers to develop custom solutions, including specialized adapters and developing software with industry standard or customized pass/fail criteria."

The Manta-W+, part of Sumix' proven, industry standard platform of fiber scopes including SMX-Manta, SMX-Manta+, and Scopio series, can be used as both a probe and a benchtop microscope, applicable for field use, as well as lab and manufacturing. Manta-W+ supports all standard connector ferrule types including MPO, LC, SC, SMA, E2000™, AVIM™, Mini-AVIM™, and many more, both patch cords and bulkhead, with an extensive selection of interchangeable tips available.

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Sumix Simplifies and Speeds Up MultiFiber Connector Inspection

Manta-W+ Microscope Captures Image of All Fiber Terminations on MPO/MTP Simultaneously

OCEANSIDE, Calif., Feb. 20, 2019 Sumix Corporation (, an industry leader in high-resolution 3D Interferometers and 2D fiber optic connector end face inspection probes announces a revolutionary technology for inspecting multi-fiber MPO connectors. The company's Manta-W+ fiber inspection microscope is the industry's only solution offering automated inspection of Multi-Fiber Push-On connectors with analysis, and pass/fail testing by capturing all fiber terminations simultaneously.

Multi-Fiber Push-On connectors, MPO and MTP (trademark of US Conec) are increasingly used in telecom central office, data center, FTTH, and test and measurement laboratory applications. Each connector supports multiple fibers on a mating surface that is only 2.5mm x 6.4mm. Dirty or damaged connectors result in errors and expensive network downtime. Inspecting the end face and verifying each individual fiber has proven to be a challenge for operators.

The Manta-W+ performs an inspection of the entire end face simultaneously, providing a report on each fiber (up to 72) and with its wider view, can also inspect the guide holes, which can harbor dirt and debris that can easily be overlooked with other devices.

"We listen to our customers and build exactly the reliable, top quality tools they need to get the job done effectively, and we design them to be very easy to use," said Farhad Towfiq, Sumix President. "The Manta-W+ represents a significant leap in technology, providing accurate results faster than any competitor, the industry's only probe/microscope that can successfully evaluate an MPO connector with up to 72 fibers simultaneously."

The Manta-W+, which can be used as a probe and a benchtop microscope, applicable for field use, as well as lab and manufacturing, represents the next evolution of Sumix' proven, industry standard platform of fiber scopes including SMX-Manta, SMX-Manta+, and Scopio series. Manta-W+ supports not just multi-fiber connections but also all standard types including popular LC, SC, SMA, E2000, AVIM, Mini-AVIM, and many more with an extensive selection of interchangeable tips available.

The Manta-W+ and the complete Sumix line will be exhibited at OFC, March 5-7, 2019 in San Diego.

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Sumix Releases Next Generation MAX Interferometers

Fiber Optic Technology Leader Introduces High-Speed USB 3.0 Devices

Oceanside, California, USA - May 8, 2015 — Sumix Corporation today announced the official release of Sumix MAX™ Series Interferometers, the first USB 3.0 Interferometers in the market.

Continuing in the tradition of calibration-free, highly reliable, industry-standard measurement devices for fiber optic connectors, the new MAX devices are the fastest ever released by Sumix. These devices are now available for purchase to the general market.

The MAX series of devices are capable of testing single-fiber patch cords and pigtails, bare ferrules and bare fiber, MT ferrules and MTP/MPO patch cords. These interferometers follow in the footsteps of the highly successful SMX series of devices, and offer improved fixturing for easy connector insertion. MAX also delivers the inherent speed advantages of USB 3.0, while still offering the high-resolution and high-contrast optics that made SMX a popular choice by the fiber optic industry. Coupled with Sumix MaxInspect™ Software, Sumix MAX Interferometers promise to take fiber optic connector measurement to new levels of ease and accuracy.

Sumix has always been focused on providing innovative solutions to the fiber optic industry,” said Dr. Farhad Towfiq, President and CEO of Sumix Corporation. “MAX devices continue this legacy with the highest measurement quality, ease of use and industry-leading testing speeds.”

The MAX series embodies the Sumix philosophy that using a high-tech device does not need to be a time-consuming job performed only by engineers. Sumix strives to make this technology accessible and simple to use, while retaining the technical complexity inherent in the function of such a device.

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