Fiber Inspection Microscopes

Microscopes for network maintenance, lab and manufacturing to inspect the end face of single and multi-fiber connectors for scratches, defects and contamination.

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MANTA series

Compact microscopes for endface inspection of all types of single and multi-fiber optical connectors, patch cords and bulkhead, including but not limited to: MT, MPO, LC, FC, SC, CS®, E2000™, MXC, PRIZM, QSFP, ARINC, MIL-38999, ODC®, Q-ODC®, SMA, High-power SMA, Avim, mini-Avim and more.

Fiber inspection microscope SMX-Manta-W+

Manta W+

The easiest and fastest MPO inspection ever.
Only one shot required to check a multi-fiber endface.
Handheld and benchtop use.

Fiber inspection microscope SMX-Manta


Ideal for large fiber military connectors.
A multi-fiber endface is checked in two shots with a manual movement in between.
Handheld and benchtop use.

Which Manta to choose?

Benchtop Microscope


High-end fiber microscope for detailed inspection of single fiber and multi-fiber ferrules and patch cords, such as SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, MT, MTP®/MPO, both PC and APC polished.
High-resolution desktop unit.
Fully automated MPO endface inspection.

Scopio series

Handheld probes for endface inspection of single-fiber patch cords or bulkhead, such as SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000™, SMA and other military connections.

Fiber Inspection Probe SMX-Scopio

Digital inspection probe for field use.
Visualization and analysis of single-fiber endfaces.

Fiber Inspection Prob SMX-Scopio-Ae

Analog inspection probe for a simple visual check.
Provided with 3.5" TFT display.

Comparison Chart

Polaris Manta-W+ SMX-Manta+V2 SMX-Scopio-B SMX-Scopio-A
Primarily designed for inspection of: single fiber and multi-fiber connectors single fiber, multi-fiber and SMA connectors single fiber, multi-fiber and SMA connectors single fiber connectors single fiber connectors
Type: Benchtop Handheld and benchtop Handheld and benchtop Handheld Handheld
Field of view: d = 0.4 mm 4.1 mm × 3.0 mm 2.4 mm × 1.8 mm d = 0.4 mm d = 0.4 mm
Defect size detection: 0.2 µm 0.75 µm 0.75 µm 0.5 µm 1 µm
Optical resolution: 0.69 µm 1.8 µm 1.8 µm 2 µm 2 µm
Price level:
Magnification: 1320×* 260×* 290×* 600×* 200×
Focus: autofocus/manual autofocus/manual autofocus/manual manual manual
Camera type: digital, USB 3.0 digital, USB 3.0 digital, USB 3.0 digital, USB 2.0 analog
Power source: AC adapter USB 3.0 Port of PC USB 3.0/2.0 Port of PC USB 2.0 Port of PC mini jack of 3.5" TFT display
Cable: USB 3.0 USB 3.0, detachable USB 3.0, detachable USB 2.0 mini jack
Compatible with: desktop PC, laptop desktop PC, laptop, tablet desktop PC, laptop, tablet desktop PC, laptop, tablet analog TFT display
Dimensions (H × W × L): 125 × 154 × 200 mm (4.92 × 6.06 × 78.74 inches) 70 × 28 × 246 mm (2.52 × 1.1 × 9.17 inches) 75 × 28 × 233 mm (2.95 × 1.1 × 9.17 inches) 56.3 × 25 × 201 mm (2.22 × 0.98 × 7.91 inches) 56.3 × 25 × 201 mm (2.22 × 0.98 × 7.91 inches)
Weight: 4.6 kg (10.14 lbs) 435 g (0.96 lbs) 425 g (0.94 lbs) 330 g (0.73 lbs) 330 g (0.73 lbs)

* Calculated for 24'’ screen (1920 × 1080)

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools from NTT

Sumix now offers optical connector cleaning tools together with microscopes to cover all your inspection and cleaning needs.

Polarity, Continuity and Fiber Sequence Verification

Polarity, Continuity and Endface Inspection Solution for MPO patch cords

MPO-Verifier illumination module combined with Manta W+ microscope is a single solution for end-to-end polarity validation, continuity confirmation and endface inspection of MPO cables.