Optical Connector Cleaning Tools

Optical connector endface is easily contaminated, and when contaminants adhere to the optical fiber core, there is a high chance of transmission quality deterioration. This is why it is essential to clean fiber endface before making a connection. Optical connector cleaners from NTT Advanced Technology Corporation use fiber developed specifically for optical connectors, so even the smallest contaminants not visible to the naked eye are removed.

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NTT-AT’s connector cleaners have been designed in collaboration with the technicians that work on communication construction sites every day.

Sumix offers a full lineup of NTT AT’s cleaners compatible with every type of optical connector.


Specially developed microfibers

Microfibers remove the smallest contaminants without damaging fiber core.

No alcohol or other solvents needed

Use the cleaning tools that are environment-friendly and safe for health of your technicians.

Smart and compact design

Designed in collaboration with on-site technicians, the cleaners are easy to use whether it be in the engineering lab, on the production line, or in the field.

Excellent anti-static properties

Avoid reattachment of dust to the ferrule after cleaning.

Consistently high-quality performance

Take advantage of the improvements you will receive in optical construction working efficiency and in communication services reliability.

Ease of replacement

Save costs with buying replacement consumables.

Cleaner Types

Cartridge type for patchcord cleaning
Cartridge type for cleaning patch cords

Designed so that all operators can consistently achieve high quality cleaning without alcohol or other solvents. Palm-sized and lightweight. Cleaning tape is replaceable and cost effective.


Pen type for patchcords and bulkhead
Pen type for patchcords and bulkhead

One simple push action cleans optical connector ferrule end face. In addition to optical port adaptors, attaching the cap allows you to easily clean plugs as well.

Stick type for bulkhead cleaning
Stick type for cleaning bulkhead

Efficiently cleans the endface of plug-in optical connectors and various kinds of in-adapter ferrules. Stick sections allow you to adapt the cleaner length for your convenience.

Cleaner Series

CLETOP™ Series
CLETOP™ Series

CLETOP – a reel-type cleaner with replaceable cleaning tape for over 400 wipes and with a lever to open a new cleaning section.

Type A – for 2.5mm ferrules;
Type B - for 1.25 mm ferrules and multi-fiber connectors without pins;
Type MT-RJ – for MTRJ connectors with pins;
Type MPO – for MPO connectors with pins.

CLETOP-S - a reel-type cleaner with replaceable cleaning tape for over 400 wipes and a click system to open a new cleaning section. The tape can be replaced very easily by a "drop-in" cartridge.

Type A – for 2.5mm ferrules;
Type B - for 1.25 mm ferrules and multi-fiber connectors without pins.

CLETOP Stick Type – a lineup of four types for cleaning in-adapter ferrules: 2.5 mm, 1.25 mm, 2.0 mm and double-ended stick for 2.0 and 2.5 mm.


OPTIPOP R – cassette cleaner with replaceable reels and a dustproof shutter allowing you to open a new cleaning section with a single hand, one-action lever.

OPTIPOP R1 – one-slot type;
OPTIPOP R2 – two-slot type;
OPTIPOP R3 – for MPO with pins;
OPTIPOP R4 – for MTRJ with pins.

OPTIPOP C - Pocket-sized card type cleaner for single-fiber connectors.

OPTIPOP P - a pipe-type tool for cleaning lateral surface of the ferrule.


NEOCLEAN-E, EZ series, and NEOCLEAN-M are innovative high performance pen-type cleaners that are compatible both for plugs and adaptors and provide one-push operation with no special skills required.

NEOCLEAN®-M, M2 – pen-type cleaner for MTP®/MPO connectors
NEOCLEAN®-E – Pen-type cleaner for single fiber connectors
NEOCLEAN-EZ - MINI Pen type Cleaner for single-fiber connectors (for cleaning in the narrow spaces and deeply recessed optical ports)

NEOCLEAN® Reel Type – a simplified cassette cleaner for single-fiber and multi-fiber (no pin) connectors.

NEOCLEAN®-S – Stick Type cleaner for 1.25 and 2.5 mm ferrules in adapters.


Object Plug/Adaptor
Cleaner Type Pen Type
E1 E2 E3 EZ1 EZ2 EZ3 EZ1 Plus
Compatible Connectors MU, LC SC,SC2, FC, FAS, FA SC, FC, ST, E2000, PC/APC MU, LC SC, SC2, FC, FAS, FA SC, FC, ST, E2000, SMPTE304M* ODC ,LC, MU, Ø1.25mm Ferrule Connector
Size (mm) L:240 L:230 L:230 L:104
with attachment: 113, extended: 167
with cap: 121
with cap: 113
Usages over 750 times over 400 times
Consumables Type Replaceable Cartridge Disposable Type
Consumables Product Cartridge (3 units/set)
Object Plug/Adaptor
Cleaner Type Pen Type
Model# ATC-NE-M1 ATC-NE-M2
Compatible Connectors MPO, MTP®( Pins yes/no) MPO-16, MTP®-16( Pins yes/no)
Size (mm) L:197 × W:15 × H:51
Usages over 600 times
Consumables Disposable Type
Object Plug
Cleaner Type Click Type Cassette
R1 R2 R3 R4 A Type B Type
Model# ATC-RE-01 ATC-RE-02 ATC-RE-03 ATC-RE-04 14110501 14110601
Compatible Connectors Single core,
Multi-core (no pin)
Single core MT, MPO
(with pin)
(with pin)
Single core
(ideal for Ø2.5mm)
Single core,
Multi-core (no pin)
Size (mm) W:124 × D:35 × H:83 W:125 × D:35 × H:85
Usages over 400 times over 400 times
Type Replaceable Cartridge (6 reels/set) Replaceable Cartridge (6 reels/set)
Product OPTIPOP RS Blue tape / White tape
Model# ATC-RS-01 14110700 / 14110710
Object Plug
Cleaner Type Lever Type Cassette Card Type Simple Type
A Type B Type MT-RJ Type MPO Type
Model# 14100501 14100601 14100101 14100201 ATC-CA-01 1 ATC-NE-R2
Compatible Connectors Single core
(ideal for Ø2.5mm)
Single core,
Multi-core (no pin)
(with pin)
MT, MPO (with pin) Sigle core Single core,
Multi-core (no pin)
Size (mm) W:124 × D:35 × H:83 W:120 × D:16 × H:57 W:115 × D:25 × H:55
Usages over 400 times 12x/sheet:10sheets over 400 times
Type Replaceable Cartridge
(6 reels/set)
Replaceacle Cartridge (100sheets/set) Disposable Type
Model# ATC-RS-01 ATC-CS-0
Object Adaptors
Cleaner Type Stick Type
S125 S250 1.25mm Type 2.5mm Type 2.0mm Type 2.0/2.5mm Double ended
Model# ATC-ST-01N ATC-ST-02N 14100401 14100400 14100402 14100403
Compatible Connectors Ø1.25mm Ø2.5mm Ø1.25mm Ø2.5mm Connectors for high vision cameras
Length (mm) Max. 152 - Min. 45 101 147 147 151
Packing Specifications 250 sticks/set 200 sticks/set 200 sticks/set 100 sticks/set

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CLETOP, OPTIPOP and NEOCLEAN are trademarks of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation.

E2000 is a trademark of Diamond SA.
MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.
CS is a registered trademark of Senko Advanced Components Inc.